Rangeland News - November 2014

Reflections on Accomplishments

Ken FulghamKen Fulgham, SRM Director
I have been thinking about what to write for my last article since this is my third year as a SRM Board Director and my term ends at the AM15 in Sacramento. I encourage you to attend as the Annual Meeting Planning Committee has put together a remarkable meeting with an innovative format for the week, and with multiple affiliate groups meeting in conjunction with SRM. Besides, the Sacramento weather in early February will be sunny and warm, definitely without snow and the rangelands will be green!!!

I would like to report that SRM has turned the corner!!! The current Board of Officers and Directors has seen the transition over the past three years of my directorship to really tackle some major operational and financial issues that have been around for some time. I am convinced that the current and upcoming SRM leadership will continue this good work. I urge each of you to review the Board Minutes posted on the Members’ side of the SRM Webpage so you can see what the Board has accomplished.

We now have financial information provided in an understandable manner on a monthly basis. We have a new publishing contract which will be beneficial to SRM. We have continued growth in the Endowment Fund based on market growth plus gifts and bequeathments. We have streamlined the contractual support staff and they have increased their productivity. We are in the process of redesigning the SRM Web and exploring our involvement in other social media avenues. We are increasing our engagement of federal agency support and recognition of the valuable educational training gained by agency personnel attending Section and Annual Meetings. We have contracted with federal agencies to pay SRM for training sessions at Annual Meetings and at special workshops and field training.

Personally I hope that the current Bylaws revision ballots measures will be passed so that the original work and proposals of the Bylaws Task Force can be again placed on a ballot for the membership to exercise their vote. I have also been active in reviewing the monthly financials along with the other Board members to make sure that SRM remains on a good financial footing; which is a “process” and not a single event at one point in time. The Board has also been more involved with managerial and operational processes that I am happy to report shows an upbeat in the fiduciary responsibilities of each Board member. I want also to state that President Pluhar and the other Officers have demonstrated a high degree of transparency and consultation with the Directors. I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Society of Range Management in the future and have been pleased and rewarded with what I have done for our Society.

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President’s Report and Election Results

Jenny Pluhar

Jenny Pluhar, 2014 SRM President
Howdy SRM members!

Results are in! I’d like to welcome newly elected 2nd Vice President Larry Howery and Directors Roy Roath and Jim Dobrowolski to the leadership team of SRM; and thank Rick Orr, Pete Deal and Tim Ford for their willingness to serve as well. Big thanks to the committee who gathered in Denver to tally the votes: John Mitchell (Chair), Craig Whittekiend, Larry Rittenhouse, Dave Kathman, Chuck Quimby and Doug Powell.

The two proposals to modify the by-laws passed overwhelmingly as well. We had a relatively good turn -out of votes, but never as many as I would like.

I want to announce that SRM will have a new publisher at the beginning of 2015. I appointed a Publication Task Force at the Orlando meeting to look into our expiring contract with Allen Press. The task force put out an RFP (Request for Proposals) and ultimately six bids were reviewed. This was a huge task; the bids were lengthy and complex. EVP Jess Peterson and Task Force Chair Barry Irving put in long hours leading us through this process. We recommended to the Board of Directors to sign a contract with Elsevier. This is the first time SRM has entertained competing bids for our publishing services. The Publication Task Force has completed their work and been disbanded. I have appointed a new group, the Publication Transition Team, led by Joel Brown to make sure the transition goes smoothly between Allen Press and Elsevier.

We are excited about the new relationship with Elsevier. I encourage each of you to visit with them in the Trade Show at the Annual Meeting in Sacramento. Elsevier is a large scientific publisher and they are a "good fit" for publishing our work. It was heartening to have a number of publishers really want to be affiliated with REM and Rangelands.

I also need to say a big thank you to Bill Conner of the Finance Committee Chair and our Director of Finance, Christine Triantos. Their work and the clarity in our finances made it easier to evaluate proposals from publishers and determine the best path for SRM. The choice of Elsevier was the work of a number of individuals, including the current editors of REM and Rangelands and past editor Gary Frasier.

By the time you read this, another team will have met in Denver with a singular purpose: membership. The declining SRM membership has been the elephant in the room for many years. We are gathering for the sole purpose of devising a plan to do something to tame that elephant! We have been soliciting input through Advisory Council and Section membership folks for several months now.

The time is now to act. SRM is a wonderful organization and we need to make sure more of our colleagues are aware of who we are and what we offer!

The folks in Sacramento have planned a great meeting for SRM and I hope you will join me there. Our efforts with the agencies have finally borne fruit and many NRCS and FS folks will be attending the trainings offered in conjunction with our meetings. We continue to work with agency leadership to plan for the future and make sure our folks can get the training they need to do their jobs.

See you in Sacramento!

Happy Trails,
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Jenny Pluhar2015 Annual Meeting News


Registration for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Sacramento, CA is open! Sign-up today for what promises to be an exciting conference!
You can also print out a paper registration form if you prefer.

Please check the website regularly for updates!

Pre-Convention Trail Boss

The annual publication which details all that is in store for the upcoming annual meeting is ready for distribution. Check your inboxes as the Pre-Con is headed your way! The 2015 Annual Meeting has an exciting and packed agenda-start planning your trip TODAY!


Have you booked your lodging yet for 2015? Check the "Hotel & Travel" Section of the meeting page or the print registration form for all of the special room block details. Be sure to reference Society for Range Management when booking your rooms to receive the special room rates.

Note: If applicable, please reference you are a federal government employee in order to receive the federal rate.

Meeting Room Requests

Need to secure a meeting room or social space for the upcoming 2015 meeting? Email Kelly Fogarty at kelly@wssdc.com to see if your request can be accommodated — there are few spots left, so be sure to get in any requests soon!

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SRM Member Login Issues

SRM Members,

Due to a recent redesign of the SRM Members’ Only site, the log-in process has changed. The redesigned website offers an updated look and feel in addition to what we hope will be an improved online experience for all SRM members. The redesign will in no way compromise the level of security previously offered and will instead improve upon overall website security and the need to adapt to ever changing security standards.

In order to access the new site, you should have received an email with log-in instructions in addition to your specific login and password details. Once you have logged in for the first time, your password can be changed in your member profile. If you did not receive the instructional email, or if you cannot log-in per the new process, please contact membership@rangelands.org, or call 800-627-0326 x456, direct at (785) 865-9456. If you contact us via email, please cc Vicky Trujillo at vtrujillo@rangelands.org.

We hope that you have a positive experience with the Business Office website and continue to utilize it in order to show your support for SRM. The site will continue to function as the primary tool by which to review your membership details, register for the annual conference, donate to SRM and to utilize the extensive membership directory.

If you encounter any problems with the new website, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re pleased to offer this increase in service via the redesigned website and we are here to offer any help as you access the new site.

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Travel Scholarships from the Young Professionals Conclave

The deadline is fast approaching so get your application in for the $500 travel scholarship to help young professionals attend the 68th Annual Meeting and Trade Show in Sacramento! Download your application. Information on qualifications and requirements are also included on application. Deadline has been extended to Nov. 10, 2014!

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Nominations for Society for Range Management Officers Sought

DEADLINE: Submit Nominations by Friday, December 19, 2014

The SRM Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the office of Second Vice President and for the Board of Directors (two positions) to be filled beginning in 2016. Nominations are sought from SRM members, Committees, and Sections. A total of six candidates, two for 2nd Vice President and four for each of two Director positions, will be selected from the list of nominees submitted.

Members or Sections who wish to put forth a nomination should submit for each nominee: Nominee’s full name, address, phone number, and email, and the office for which they are being nominated:

  • 2-page (maximum) biographical sketch highlighting the nominee’s qualifications (including education, employment, professional emphasis, SRM and other activities, and honors, awards, and recognitions)
  • ½-page (maximum) statement of why the nominee wants to serve as an SRM officer at this time (including nominee’s qualities, skills, and passions)
  • A cover letter, including a statement from the nominee consenting to the nomination and asserting his/her willingness to serve; evidence that the nominee’s Section, if applicable, has been notified of the nomination (this could include copying the Section on the nomination or a note from the Section acknowledging awareness of and/or support for the nomination); additional materials, such as letters of support, will not be considered by the Nominating Committee

Members may nominate themselves or other SRM members.

The Nominating Committee will interview nominees during its meeting at the SRM Annual Meeting. Nominees are encouraged to be available and participate in these interviews. If the nominee cannot participate in the interview process, a written statement may be submitted in lieu of the interview.

The Nominating Committee will consider the following criteria in selecting candidates from the nominee pool:

  • leadership skills and ability;
  • active and engaged participation in SRM (committee, section, parent society level);
  • diversity of experiences, geography, gender, ethnicity, professional affiliation, age, and areas of expertise.

Each nomination shall be submitted as a separate packet to the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The preferred method of submission for nomination packets is by email with the above information submitted as attachment(s) in MSWord, WordPerfect or PDF rather than in the body of the email message. Nomination packets may also be submitted by mail.

DEADLINE: Submit Nominations via mail or email by Friday, December 19, 2014, to:

William Fox (Chair)
4509 Lapis Ct
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: (979) 777-3730
Email: w-fox@tamu.edu

Successful candidates will be informed at the Annual Meeting and announced during the Annual Meeting Membership meeting.

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Student Chapters: Register for Booth at National Conference

This is for all student chapters who want to participate in the Student Chapter Display Contest at this year’s SRM national conference in California. Be sure to submit an application and registration for a Trade show booth. The cost of a university chapter booth space is $100. The deadline for booth registration is December 10th. If your club plans on participating please have a representative email Rory O’Connor (ro.c.oconnor@gmail.com) to let them get a head count.

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Student Workshop on Ecological Sites: Concepts and Applications

Annual Society for Range Management Meeting, Sacramento, California

  • All day field workshop Wednesday February 4, 7:30 am-6:00pm for junior, senior, and graduate level students.
  • The workshop focuses on the ecological site concept, how to determine ecological site designations and how ecological sites are used to inform management.
  • Participants will visit rangelands in California Gold Country at selected locations in Calaveras and Amador Counties.
  • Guided by NRCS personnel involved in ESD development at regional, state, and national levels.

Registration: $20, includes transportation, snacks and lunch. Students should register for this workshop when registering for the SRM meeting.

For more information contact Karen Hickman (Karen.hickman@okstate.edu) or Laurie Abbott (labbott@nmsu.edu).

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Nearly 1,300 High School Students Participate in Nebraska Range Judging

It’s a wrap! The 2014 Area and State Range Judging Contests are all in the books. This has been another very successful season of Range Judging, thanks in a large measure to the Agencies that are the primary partners with the Nebraska Section Society for Range Management and the Nebraska State Range Judging Committee. Those being; the Nebraska Natural Resource Districts, the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Service, all of whom spend a significant amount of time, human resources and frequently money to insure that the contests are well organized and effectively run. This year we also need to add a big thanks to the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture for hosting the registration, scoring and for providing educational programs while the scoring was being completed for the Awards Program. Volunteers from numerous other Agencies and groups provide the many workers that are critical for the success of this type of program, some of whom are members of the NE Section SRM while the majority of these volunteers are not. These volunteers work in the scoring rooms (a huge job!), act as Group Leaders and Station Judges for the Contests, as well as providing the technical expertise to set up and manage all aspects of these contests.

Students at the Ogallala site

There were 1,275 participants in the 6 Area Range Judging Contests held across the state, with 403 participants at the 2014 Nebraska State Range Judging Contest held in the Curtis, NE area. This participation would not be possible without the support of the Agricultural Education instructors and FFA programs across the state. These individuals not only encourage their students to a level of interest in Range Judging and Range Management Education but also work with their school’s administration to keep their range programs funded, including travel and lodging. In short, without the Middle School and High School student’s level of participation in the various contests it would be almost impossible to continue the program. These Educators deserve our thanks as well.

The 2015 Area and State Range Judging Contests are already in the planning stages. The 6 Area Contests will be held the second and third week of September, while the State Contest will be scheduled for the last week in September tentatively in Scotts Bluff County.

Daryl A. Cisney
2013-2014 Chair, Nebraska State Range Judging Committee

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Ecology and Management of Grazing: An Online Course

The California Rangeland Research and Information Center at UC Davis is now offering an online science-based course entitled the Ecology and Management of Grazing. This online course is organized in four modules that can be taken separately or in sequential order. The modules are:

  1. Introduction to Ecology and Grazing,
  2. Foraging Behavior and Livestock Distribution,
  3. Forage Quality and Grazing Animal Nutrition, and
  4. Ranching and Grazing Systems.

Each module is introduced by a documentary quality high definition video followed by a series of narrated PowerPoint presentations. There are reading assignments and practical exercises. Each module is self-paced and will take 10 to 20 hours to complete. See the registration page for outlines of each module.

Course registration fees are $200 per module or $600 for all four modules. Registration fees can be reduced for groups of more than 10 people. Contact Mel George (mrgeorge@ucdavis.edu, phone 530-752-1720) for group discounts. Each module is approved by the Society for Range Management for 16 CEUs.

California Rangeland Research and Information Center
Plant Sciences Department, UC Davis

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Masonic Range Science Scholarship, Apply Today

Applications are now being accepted for the Masonic Range Science Scholarship! Please share with any individual or groups who may be interested!

Apply here: http://www.rangelands.org/masonicscholarship/

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Where to find information on Rangeland Careers, Education and Online Courses?

Prospective students interested in Rangeland Ecology and Management throughout North America can locate expanded choices in curriculum, outdoor research projects and employment prospects at rangelandswest.org/careersandeducation.

The new site features thumbnail sketches of current students who share their classroom and outdoor research experiences in various parts of the Western U.S. Profiles include rangeland students from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Oregon.

Career specialists are needed to help manage the grassland, shrubland, woodland and desert landscapes that comprise immense rangeland ecosystems, most west of the Mississippi River. Current and projected job demand is strong. Specialties in rangeland ecology include soil science, plant life, wildlife species and livestock and watershed/land use policies. Management needs span invasive plant control, endangered species surveys and planning for sustainable livestock operations on both private and public lands. Other applications using range education include prairie land reclamation and restoration, vegetation management and state and federal land management research in fire and range ecology.

Need online courses to retool for a career in Rangeland Management?

Visit rangelandswest.org/coursecatalog for a searchable database of online and hybrid courses that can bring your credentials up to speed.

The new websites were funded from a U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant titled Repositioning Rangeland Education for a Changing World. Contact Susan Edinger Marshall at sem11@humboldt.edu to obtain free bookmarks and postcards that point to the careers and education website.

Susan Edinger Marshall

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Tag calves. Dad’s 60th birthday. Mend fence. Caleb’s 4H showing. Earn your master’s degree in integrated resource management online from Colorado State University and get a research institution rooted in agriculture, plus the flexibility your life requires. Get the education you need to hone your craft amidst the life you’re living now. Learn more at www.csurangeland.com.


Lost Resource: Wallace Carlyle "Wally" Butler

1945 - 2014

It is with the greatest of sadness that we pass along news of the passing of Wally Butler. Wally was on his way to Fairfield Wednesday, October 221st to do some range work. He had his trailer, a couple of horses, 4-wheeler and his dogs. Wally wasn't feeling well and pulled over to the side of the road. Someone stopped to help and by the time the ambulance arrived, he had passed away. Wally had just retired from the Idaho Farm Bureau recently and was busy enjoying his "retirement." He was to turn 69 years old in November.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made in Wally's name to the Society for Range Management (donate here). A full obituary has been posted in the Idaho Statesman, and memories and condolences may be shared with the family on Wally's memorial webpage at Idaho Statesman: Wally Butler.

Wally was a long time member of SRM.  He was the recipient of the W. R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award in 2002.   Wally served on SRM's National Board from 2011 through 2013, finishing his term at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Orlando this last February at which his fellow board members presented him with a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

In true Wally form, he accepted them graciously and posed for many a photo with SRM members wearing them.

Wally was more than just a colleague and range professional; he was friend to most anyone whom he met. We will all miss him.

We have been posting information regarding Wally's passing and arrangements as we received it on the SRM Facebook page, including several photos of Wally "in action." You do not have to have a Facebook account to see our posts.

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Lost Resource: Van C. Mills

Longtime member Van Mills passed away on Sunday, July 20, 2014. He was born on April 29, 1923, to the union of Irvin S. and Annie Edwards Mills on a farm near Athens, Texas. He attended Millrun school through the seventh grade. This was a two-room country school.

Following graduation from Athens High School in 1941, he volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy for the duration of the national emergency. Van finished boot training at San Diego on Dec. 5, 1941, two days before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Following graduation from the radio and communication school in Los Angeles in May 1942, he was assigned to the U.S. Navy Armed Guard. Armed guard personnel served aboard Merchant Marine ships. He served in this capacity in the North and South Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean Sea and the South Pacific. Van was honorably discharged from the Navy in November 1945.

Following graduation from Texas A&M University in January 1950, with a BS in range management and forestry, he began a long career with the (USDA) Soil Conservation Service. He worked for the SCS at Clarendon, Claude, Potter County, Follett, Pampa, Snyder, Andrews and Colorado City. He retired from the SCS on Dec. 4, 1984. He really enjoyed working with the farmers and ranchers on their conservation problems. He received numerous awards for his dedicated service to the cause of soil and water conservation.

Van was married to Vera Mae Schmidt of Claude, Texas, on March 20, 1954. To this union were born Sherry Lynne, Donna Louise and Ellen Elise. Van, with his wife, Vera, moved to San Angelo in July 1985. In various towns Van served as a deacon and Sunday school teacher in the Baptist church. He served as president of the Lions Clubs in Claude and Colorado City. He also served as president of the Colorado City Chamber of Commerce. Van was a member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society of America, Society of Range Management, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Association of the Texas SCS/NCRS Retirees and the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M. Van was a very loyal Aggie.

Van's hobbies included hunting, fishing, hunting for arrowheads, trapping mink, washer pitching and 42. He was preceded in death by his parents; infant daughter Ellen Elise; brothers Brady Mills, Irvin Mills and Tommy Mills; sister Hazel Dalton; and step-granddaughter Kristen Corbin. Van was a member of the Friendship class of Southland Baptist Church. Survivors are his wife, Vera Schmidt Mills; daughters Sherry Lynne and Kenneth Corbin of San Antonio and Donna Louise and Mike Gillespie of Crandall; grandchildren Kelli Morales, Greg Leach, Kayla Orsak, Heidi Gillespie and Bryan Gillespie; and step-grandchildren Kendra Scott and Kali Newman. He is also survived by great-grandchildren Mason, Averie, Jaxon Morales and Pierce Leach. He is also survived by Donald and Carol Schmidt of Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Van was laid to rest in the military section of Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be sent to:

San Angelo A&M Club Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 1122
San Angelo TX, 76902-1122.

Read the full notice here.

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Calling All Cooks, Submit Your Recipes!

Featured Recipe - Beef & Potato Roll - Submitted by Earl Pelton, Bone Springs Ranch, Halliday, ND

1-½ lbs. lean ground beef ¼ tsp. pepper
1 c. soft bread crumbs 1 pkg. (12 oz.) frozen hashed brown
1-½ tbsp. instant minced onion potatoes, thawed
½ c. dry white wine ⅓ c. grated parmesan cheese
1-½ tsp. salt ¼ c. chopped parsley
1 egg, beaten 1 tsp. onion powder
¼ tsp. Italian herb seasoning tomato sauce (see directions below)

Preheat oven to 375°. Mix crumbs, onion, wine, salt, egg, herb seasoning and pepper, let stand a few minutes to moisten bread crumbs. Add meat, and mix with a fork until well-blended. Shape into a flat 10" square on a sheet of waxed paper. Mix potatoes with cheese, parsley, and onion powder. Arrange in an even layer over meat, leaving 1" uncovered on two opposite sides. Roll up starting with one side where meat is not covered with potatoes, using paper to lift meat. Place seam side down in shallow, lightly greased roasting pan. Bake in moderately hot oven about 35 minutes. Spoon tomato sauce over meat, and bake 5 to 10 minutes longer. Remove to serving platter, slice and serve. This is an easy one dish meal, and my family always enjoys it.

Background: My husband Earl and I moved to our present home 26 years ago. The Ranch name is used because of the spring that is in our pasture. In homestead days all of the springs in the area had names. This spring still waters our cattle herd, as it did when Earl's grandfather homesteaded here. The Campstool brand has also been in the family for four generations and is used only by our families as we have every location available.

Trail Boss CookbookTrail Boss’s Cowboy Cookbook
Do you have a family or ranch recipe that has been around for generations? Does it have a great story or background to go with it? Or maybe you have a great range story, ranch story or an awesome range photo that you would like to share. We are looking for you. The Outreach and Communication Committee is collecting recipes, stories and photos for the next edition of the Trail Boss’s Cowboy Cookbook.   Submit Recipes, Range Stories and Range Photos to: srmcookbook@yahoo.com

Please include Your Name, Ranch Name, SRM Section and City, State with each submission. In the subject line of your email please write SRM Cookbook. All recipes must be original recipes (never published). If it is a published recipe it must be changed by 10%,(such as changing an ingredient or amount, adding an ingredient, changing cooking temperature or time.)

See featured recipes from the original Trail Boss’s Cowboy Cookbook.

Purchase your very own copy of this classic, filled with recipes from throughout the west and around the world, as well as range facts, historical anecdotes and humor. .

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November Photo Quiz

Range Quiz Photo


Rangelands are comprised of abiotic and biotic factors, and the interactions between them. What might be noted about the scope and scale of rangeland processes from this "monitoring snapshot?" What might this look like in a hundred years?

Send your quiz answers to Vicky Trujillo at vtrujillo@rangelands.org, subject line Range Photo Quiz; and PLEASE send us your submission for our next SRM Range Photo Quiz. Be sure to include a question and answer with the photo!

In order to meet publication deadlines please send your responses by the 15th of the month!

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July / September Photo Quiz Answer

Range Quiz Photo


On rangelands, a cow pie is always a cow pie; except when it isn't... If this isn't a cow pie, what is it, and what is it good for? Stay tuned next issue when we'll take a closer look and hear "the rest of the story."


Some thought our “cow pie” came from a different critter, such as a raccoon eating persimmons (Dalton Mertz). Kent Ferguson thought it might be “bear scat on a trail... where are the lions and tigers... oh my!” Mitch McClaran correctly recognized it as a “crytobiotic crust." It is good for fixing nitrogen which can enter the soil ecosystem.” Tim Steffens added, “This is a growth of lichen on the rocks shown. It is a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus, and begins the breakdown of the rock for the soil-forming process; the alga makes some oxygen, and the pair even provides food and habitat for some microorganisms and small animals. It is the only form of life I know of that can live only on bare rock.”

Thanks to Arizona SRMer Doug Tolleson for the photo, who notes, “Looks can be deceiving. At first glance and from a distance it looked like a cow pie on the proverbial flat rock. Cryptogams, biotic crusts, etc., are a hot topic on some rangelands where they occur. They have many recognized important functions and can be broken down by hooves, wheels, fire, etc., thus their presence can be used to argue against such things as mountain bikes, grazing, or ATV’s; but as usual in range management, it depends. In areas where invasive species or wildfire are a threat for instance, grazing may be the tool of choice to manage these lands for a variety of outcomes, including providing opportunity for cryptogams. All in all these crusts are an often overlooked but interesting and important piece of the rangeland puzzle.

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You Tube on the Range

El Nino, monsoon, droughts, deluge; rangeland weather geeks now can access all the latest mini-podcast videos from CLIMAS, the University of Arizona’s Climate Assessment for the Southwest.

Monsoon and Drought Q&A

Regular podcast listeners will know that we cover a wide range of topics about climate in the southwest, in a conversational manner. To make these discussions even more accessible and useful, we are pulling small segments from the podcasts and adding maps, images, and video to supplement the content. These offer an opportunity to quickly digest key points from the podcast and also serve as stand-alone teaching/illustration tools that are suitable for a wide range of audiences. Watch more videos and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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CSU Rangelands Degree


Position Announcement: Rangeland Ecologist, The Nature of Conservancy, Reno, Nevada

The Nature of Conservancy in Reno Nevada is hiring for a 2-year part-time Rangeland Ecologist position with benefits (#42462). For the ideal candidate location may be negotiated and travel is expected. Position provides scientific support in rangeland ecology and management, especially with intermountain west grazing systems, for existing state-and-transition simulation modeling with ST-Sim software, and raster and statistical analyses in R code for rangeland projects where greater sage-grouse is a critical issue. Apply at https://careers.nature.org.

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Position Announcement: Research Associate, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Position: Research Associate 1-FTT
Position ID: AG-375

The Agricultural Division of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., is seeking a Research Associate 1. The Foundation has state-of-the-art research and greenhouse facilities, several research farms and ranches, modern laboratory and office areas and offers excellent benefits. The incumbent will perform a wide range of duties in the field and office which may include but are not limited to the collection of soil and vegetation samples, making measurements of vegetation characteristics on the ground and from imagery using conventional vegetation measurement techniques and remote sensing methods.

This Research Associate 1 position is funded through an internal research initiative. The Noble Foundation’s Forage365 research initiative aims to provide a sustainable, year-round grazing system. Funding for this position will be available in January 2015. Funding is anticipated to be renewed annually based upon performance and funding availability and is scheduled to end on or before December 31, 2017.

Bachelor degree in agronomy, ecology, range science or related field required; excellent written and oral communications skills is required; experience in measuring vegetation and the use of remote sensing software and methods is preferred.

Application Instructions:
To apply for the Research Associate 1, applicants are requested to apply online by completing the application and submitting a resume, copy of college transcript(s), contact information for three references (excluding relatives), and a cover letter explaining interest in the position and career goals. If applicant does not have the ability to upload the additional documents they can be faxed to (580) 224-6240 (please include position number), but the application should be completed and submitted online. Applications will be accepted until a candidate is hired. Interested applicants should apply immediately.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.
Human Resources Department
Position Number: AG-375
2510 Sam Noble Parkway
Ardmore, OK 73401
E-mail: NFHR@noble.org
Website: www.noble.org

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment, regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

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Position Announcement: Research Associate, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Position: Senior Research Associate 1
Position ID: AG-374

The Agricultural Division of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. is seeking applicants for the position of Senior Research Associate 1. The Foundation has state-of- the-art research and greenhouse facilities, and modern laboratory and office areas. Research related to this position will be conducted in the research group of Dr. James Rogers. The incumbent will be responsible for the day to day activities of two grazing experiments. Experiment one will examine the benefits and or the detriments of the use of summer cover crops on winter wheat forage production in clean-till and no-till winter pasture systems that are grazed by stocker cattle. Experiment two will be a cow/calf experiment evaluating forage based winter feeding systems that will test the economics and animal performance of a combination of forages in a system against a typical winter hay feeding system.

This Senior Research Associate 1 position is funded through an internal research initiative. The Noble Foundation’s Forage365 research initiative aims to provide a sustainable, year-round grazing system. Funding for this position will be available in January 2015. Funding is anticipated to be renewed annually based upon performance and funding availability and is scheduled to end on or before December 31, 2017.

A Master’s degree in agronomy, range science, animal science or closely related field is required; experience with stocker cattle and beef cow/calf, introduced forages, and grazing systems are preferred. A minimum 2 years’ experience in a research environment required; previous management experience preferred.

Application Instructions:
To apply for the Sr. Research Associate 1, applicants are requested to apply online by completing the application and submitting a resume, copy of college transcript(s), contact information for three references (excluding relatives), and a cover letter explaining interest in the position and career goals. If applicant does not have the ability to upload the additional documents they can be faxed to (580) 224-6240 (please include position number), but the application should be completed and submitted online.

Applications will be accepted until a candidate is hired. Interested applicants should apply immediately.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.
Human Resources Department
Position Number: AG-375
2510 Sam Noble Parkway
Ardmore, OK 73401
E-mail: NFHR@noble.org
Website: www.noble.org

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment, regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

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Assistant Professor of Rangeland Ecology and Management, University of Idaho

Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

The Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences at the University of Idaho invites applications for an academic-year, tenure-track Assistant Professor in Rangeland Ecology and Management. We are searching broadly for a candidate who will help advance the teaching, research, and outreach activities of our department, the college, and the University of Idaho. 

The position is approximately 40% research, 40% teaching, 10% advising, and 10% service and outreach. The successful applicant will be expected to have a commitment to quality teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level, teaching two undergraduate courses within the Society for Range Management-accredited B.S. Rangeland Ecology and Management degree, and a graduate course within the graduate program in Natural Resources. The successful candidate is expected to develop a research program in Rangeland Ecology and Management, focusing primarily on Idaho’s extensive and diverse rangelands. Specific focal areas may include (but are not limited to) grazing management, livestock-ecosystem interactions, wildfire ecology and management, rangeland productivity, soil management, invasive species ecology and management. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to the research and outreach efforts of the University of Idaho Rangeland Center. 


Required:  PhD in Rangeland Ecology and Management, or close equivalent, by the time of hire. Evidence of potential to secure extramural funding and demonstrated ability to publish research results in refereed journals. Evidence of potential to become an outstanding teacher at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Strong oral and written communication skills.

Desired: Demonstrated interest and ability to deliver high quality undergraduate education relevant to the needs of the B.S. Rangeland Ecology and Management, the Department, and the College. Of particular interest would be the demonstrated ability to deliver a course in Systematic Botany. Demonstrated interest and ability in supervising research students. Interest in online course delivery. Experience in arid land ecosystems. Ability to communicate with broad stakeholders (land owners, state and federal agencies, NGOs). Postdoctoral or similar experience with a successful record of extramural funding for research. Experience in multidisciplinary collaboration addressing important contemporary research questions. Experience in rangeland ecology and management. Familiarity with the land grant mission.

Contact/Application Procedure:
Direct questions to the Search Committee Chair, dr. Luigi Boschetti (luigi@uidaho.edu). For a complete description and to apply online, please visit http://apptrkr.com/532889

First consideration will be given to applicants who apply by November 14, 2014.

The University of Idaho is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and is committed to a diverse faculty, staff and student body.

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Director of the Policy Analysis Group, University of Idaho

The College of Natural Resources (www.cnr.uidaho.edu), University of Idaho, invites applications for a full time, 12 month tenure track position as Associate/Professor of Natural Resource Policy and Management, and Director of the Policy Analysis Group. The position will be a part of the Conservation Social Sciences department and will report directly to the Dean of the College of Natural resources. This program was established by the Idaho Legislature in 1989, and serves as the primary research agency of the State of Idaho on natural resources issues. We seek a faculty member to join and help shape our interdisciplinary department of social scientists, and engage in research and teaching on how social and biophysical sciences interact to influence the management of natural resources in Idaho and the region. It is the only position in state government that provides services to the legislature and the state’s natural resource management agencies. The director oversees PAG operations and conducts policy analysis research on natural resource management and land-use policy issues important to the citizens of Idaho.

Read more here

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Workshop Announcements

SWGLA Whole Ranch Planning & Grass-Fed Applications: Arizona

October 23-March 7, 2015 – Tombstone/Tucson/Prescott
More information

October 23-25, 2014: Tombstone AZ/47 Ranch:
Understanding the Whole Picture – Introduction to Holist Management & Grass-fed Livestock Topics

December 5-6, 2014: Tucson/Winkelman, AZ/Doublecheck Ranch:
A Grass Roots Approach: Assessing Your Resources & Developing a Plan

March 6-7, 2015: Prescott/Mayer, AZ/Orme Ranch:
Financial Planning & Grass-fed/Local Options

Jornada Field Botany Workshops
Tuesday Nov. 4, 2014 
To register or for inquiries, email Kirsten Romig at kirromig @nmsu.edu or call 575-528-9337

Cal Pac Section Fall Meeting
November 5-6, 2014 - Canyon View Community Center, Auburn CA

Utah Section Annual Meeting
November 6-7, 2014
Bridgerland Technical College Conference Center - Logan, UT
Contact Beth Burritt for information, beth.burritt@usu.edu.

Florida Section Fall Tour
Buck Island Ranch Eco-Tour
November 7, 2014
MacArthur Agro-Ecology Research Center, Lake Placid FL

Wyoming SRM Annual Meeting
Innovation and Opportunity Across Borders – Managing Rangelands to Create Resilient Natural and Social Systems
Tuesday, November 18 – Thursday, November 20, 2014
Evanston, WY
Click here for details and registration

NGLC & UNL Extension: The 5 Essentials of Successful Ranch Management with Burke Teichert
November 18 – 21, 2014: 8 locations in 4 days
http://www.nebraskagrazinglands.org/ContactUs/tabid/82/Default.aspxMore information

2014 Colorado Section Winter Conference & Workshop
Responding to Disturbance: Effective Restoration & Monitoring
December 3 – 5, 2014 – Marriott Hotel, Fort Collins CO
Last day to reserve room at group rate: November 14

Save The Date!!! 2015 NM Section Winter Meeting
January 8-9, 2015
Location to be determined
Check the website for updated information

2014 Nevada Section Winter Meeting
Grazing Management for Fine Fuels & Grass Ranges: Exploring the Science & Strategic Plan Development
January 13-14, 2015 – Carson City, NV

75th Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference
Natural Resource Management in an Increasingly Connected World
Feb. 8-11, 2015 - Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, IN

Tamarisk Coalition's 12th Annual Conference
Advancing Riparian Restoration in the West
Feb. 10-12, 2015 - Albuquerque, NM
More Information

High Altitude Restoration Science & Practice
March 10-12, 2015 - Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO
Call for Abstracts: Deadline for submission is November 28, 2014

18th Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society
Innovation in the Rangelands
April 12-16th, 2015 - Alice Springs NT
Twitter: @arsconf2015
Facebook: Australian Rangeland Society Conference
Instagram: @arsconf2015

X International Rangeland Congress - IRC 2016 Canada
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - July 17-22, 2016

ESD Webinars from the 2014 SRM Annual Meeting available for viewing and download here

Intermountain Native Plant Summit VII presentations now available here

Understanding the Problem with Junipers in the Great Plains recordings now available here

Cool-Season Invasive Grasses: Abstracts and Presentation now available here

NGP Section Symposium, Managing Rangelands for Threatened & Endangered Species: Agenda and Session recordings now available here

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Upcoming Functions & Continuing Education Pre-Approved Courses

Click here to view a full calendar of functions that have been pre-approved for SRM Continuing Education Units (CEUs) If you know of a function that you want to attend but do not see it on our list, please send the information to: SRM, ATTN: Vicky Trujillo, 6901 S. Pierce St., Suite 225 * Littleton, CO 80128; Fax 303.986.3892 or email: vtrujillo@rangelands.org.

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